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Manchester: Tuesday 3rd July 2018 9am - 1pm

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Securing your network

The UK is a digitally dependent economy, with a digital sector worth an estimated £118bn per year. A loss of confidence in this key driver of national wealth would be catastrophic.

Technology headlines this year are dominated by cybersecurity. The need to protect the UK and its businesses from online threats has become a top priority in the private and public spheres alike. From educating users on commonly occurring cyber-attacks to delving into the future of security and emerging technology.


UKFast is teaming up with leading industry security experts from HPE, VMware and Secarma to bring you the UK’s most influential security event. Unlocked will delve into business’s top security fears, tackling the burning issues in cybersecurity, from the rise in cyber-terrorism and ransomware to the advantages of ethical hacking and the future of AI and the IoT.

Securing your network in a connected world

With an estimated 50 billion connected devices deployed across the globe by 2020, the take-up of IoT in business is rapidly increasing, meaning the associated security vulnerabilities such as highly aggressive and often disastrous botnet DDoS attacks are also on the rise.

These attacks are highly effective, finely targeted and difficult to attribute as AI completes tasks that are typically impractical for humans. So for companies around the globe, now is the time to start thinking about the long-term implication of this new landscape, with security at the top of the agenda.

Is your business prepared to succeed in the dynamic IoT revolution? Our cybersecurity experts will explore the greatest threats to your business and help you put defensive measures in place.

Securing your network
DDoS Threat

The DDoS Threat Landscape

DDoS attacks have become quick, easy and cheap to inflict while simultaneously becoming more complex to detect. In 2018 thus far, memcache DDoS attacks are breaking records left, right and centre in 2018, kicking off in February with a 1.3Tpbs denial of service attack that was quickly followed by a 1.7Tpbs attack on Arbor Network in March. These attacks exploit thousands of misconfigured and exposed memcache servers to amplify the bandwidth of DDoS attacks by a factor 51000.

At Unlocked 2018, our cybersecurity team will deep dive into the DDoS threat and explain how you can protect your business.

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Cryptojacking is on the cybersecurity map

Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report revealed that the volume of cryptojacking attempts against endpoint computers skyrocketed by 8500% over the last 12 months.

While cryptojacking via malware is not a new phenomena, a disruptive mining technique has emerged that exploits visitors to a website. According to the National Cyber Security Centre, in February 2018 alone, thousands of websites around the world and hundreds in the UK, were mined for cryptocurrency using a compromised screen-reading plugin for the blind and partially sighted.

In May 2018, a security researcher discovered the cryptocurrency mining code Coinhive to have affected nearly 400 unsuspecting sites, including a number of official government and education websites. Though Coinhive is not intrinsically malicious, it can be injected into vulnerable code in a cryptojacking attack, forcing it to mine without the victim’s knowledge. Register for Unlocked 2018 to discover how to defend against and identify a cryptojacking attack.


Breaches in Big Data and Malware in the Cloud

With an abundance of new apps to download and an expanding Internet of Things, consumer data is accumulating at an astonishing rate, making data itself an increasingly valuable resource.

Despite Cyber-attacks becoming the number one business risk in the UK and recent high-profile news scandals, such as Cambridge Analytica, too fewer businesses recognise data management as their top priority.

However, in light of these rises and recent GDPR regulations, it has never been more important to understand both how you use your data in business, and how your data is being used as a consumer. Our data security experts will discuss the detrimental effects of poor data security and what to be aware of in the 2018 data security landscape.

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The Human Element

According to an IBM Security report, although the number of data breaches decreased by almost 25% in 2017, cloud-related cyber-attacks increased 424% with a significant portion of the blame being attributed to human error.

The reality is that the majority of cyber-attacks succeed because of human error, meaning our people and their behaviours must sit at the heart of a business’ response to cyber-risk.In this vital area of employee training, the typical ‘all staff, once a year’ approach, does not influence or sustain long-term changes in behaviour. Instead, a different and effective approach that provides the simple, practical guidance and truly engages employees is required.

At Unlocked, training experts will discuss the challenges faced in developing and sustaining resilient employee data protection training.

The Human Element
GDPR Breach workshop

GDPR Breach workshop

In May 2018, the University of Greenwich became the first university to receive a fine for a data breach under the Data Protection Act of 1998. And while the university has been fined £120,000 by the ICO, the educator would have received a significantly more substantial fine if the data breach had occurred following the compliance deadline (25th May 2018).

However, the GDPR deadline has now been and gone, meaning your business should now be fully compliant with the new regulations surrounding personal data. Whilst you may have done everything right in preparation, the risks of experiencing a data breach is still possible and under the new law, there is a strict procedure you should follow in order to avoid both fines and reputational damage.

During the GDPR breach workshop, our GDPR specialists will be taking attendees through a range of possible scenarios to enhance your data breach procedures.